It’s moncler outlet mall something you have to and will

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6 Reasons why you Shouldn

When people learn that I can speak two languages, they become very interested in learning about how and why. I would wager that other than xenophobes, there aren’t a lot of people who would say they don’t moncler outlet store want to be able to speak at least more than their own language. There are many, many reasons to learn another language. However, what if I told you there were reasons to not learn another language?

That’s right. After having devoted the better part of the last few years of my life to learning Spanish, I moncler outlet kids can honestly say that I have loved every minute. But language learning is definitely not for everyone, and here are six reasons why.

How could this possibly be such a bad thing? You know those people that say learning another language makes you smarter because moncler outlet ny it does something to womens moncler jackets your brain? Those same people forget to admit that during the rewiring process, your brain becomes something akin to that brown jar of golden liquid in the back of your refrigerator.

It’s just like anything else that is under construction. You’re sure looking forward to that day when you take a step back and look at your brand new house, but how much does it suck to have to take showers out of a five gallon bucket?

moncler outlet 2018 Moncler online Your brain works in the same way. While you’re learning new ways to express yourself and how to not only speak but listen and hear cheap moncler jackets wholesale your target language, your old language begins to suffer. Don’t believe me? I am constantly trying to hold a conversation in English, and either I have bad cheap moncler jackets luck Official Moncler Outlet and also developed ADHD, or my mind just isn’t recalling simple things as good as it moncler coats cheap used to.

5. You now have to remember two, if not more ways to say the same thing.

cheap moncler jackets Probably cheap moncler coats for women the most frusterating moment in language learning, is when you’re talking in your new language, then you don’t know how to say something, but what’s worse is you turn to your personal translator and you can’t tell them what you want to say in English.

moncler moncler outlet location sale How can you ask someone to help you remember how to say something if you CAN’T EVEN moncler outlets uk REMEMBER WHAT YOU’RE TRYING TO SAY? This is especially annoying when you have a captive audience. I remember trying to explain to a few moncler outlet usa Spanish Speakers how welfare works, when it became obvious to me that I could no longer remember how it worked myself. moncler jackets on sale There’s not a lot to say about this area. It’s moncler outlet mall something you have to and will experience when you start learning a moncler chicago new language.

moncler outlet Worse than that, there’s a difference between every day conversation and specific vocabulary. Medical translators probably discount moncler outlet have it the worst, because you now have to learn how to say those stupid phrases in yet another language. I work at a home improvement retailer, I don’t know how to say drywall in spanish! moncler jacket online Then if you’re religious, there’s also a moncler jackets men whole moncler coats outlet new set of terms there that you have to learn. Which I do recommend starting to go to church in your new language if possible.

cheap moncler coats 4. Your brain literally hurts after long exposure

This moncler jackets for women is something akin to burnout after studying for a test. Your brain cannot process too much information at once, and once it hits overload it shuts down. I remember when I was moncler jackets kids first learning piano moncler jackets mens (yes I’m going to build myself up that much) how I thought it moncler jackets was just so cool when I could play a song where people would recognize it. moncler jackets outlet online So I played it and played it over again. But you just have to give it a rest sometimes.

You will notice this if you ever go to any event where you will hear lectures or discourses in your new language. At first it’s exciting to see how much you can comprehend but after awhile, you notice you cannot pay attention any longer. Or, and check this out, say you have a boyfriend/girlfriend whose family speaks the target language. This will happen to you when you go to that big family reunion where they all want to meet you and find out your life history.

cheap moncler sale 3. The people aren’t as friendly as you think

For some reason, there is this idea that people will be extremely friendly to you just because you can speak to them in their native language. While this is true in some instances, it is also equally as many times not true. I was kind of spoiled because I already knew a lot of Spanish speaking people and they just let me into their lives. But I have tried to speak to some Spanish people in day to day life, and they get expasperated with you if you cheap moncler jackets outlet can’t keep up with moncler outlets usa them. And let me tell you, there are some people who try their best to make you feel like you don’t speak their language, no matter how advanced you are. I know someone who has been Moncler Factory Outlet speaking Spanish for 15 years, speaks better than most natives, and there are still snobs who try this on him.

cheap moncler outlet I think that TV and Radio personalities do this moncler outlet woodbury too. Every once in a while I will turn on Spanish radio and they talk so stinkin’ fast! I can moncler jackets toronto converse with most people pretty easily, but I can’t understand hardly any radio, or Puerto Rican people. Oh yeah, that’s another thing.

cheap moncler There are always other dialects that make it seem like yet ANOTHER language. Spanish isn’t just Spanish. Puerto Rican Spanish, Cuban Spanish, even Spanish from Spain is quite different. And I’m sure it’s the same with other languages. In the interests of Spanish, some people even want you to call moncler outlet online it Castellano, or Castillian, because Spanish is such a more specific term.

What happens with dialects is the phrases change, words moncler coats for women themselves change, pronounciations change, even the grammatical structure can change. When moncler outlet canada I talk to Puerto Ricans, they have a nasty habit of letting the moncler coats for kids last bit of their words trail. Imagine barely understanding what a word means, now you have to insinuate that this word that sounds similar is the same. Remember when I said you have to learn two ways to say something? Imagine three, four, five, even more. Just remember, we do the same discount moncler jackets thing in English. There’s American English, UK English, even English within the US is different. A southerner will talk different from an East Coaster will talk differently than a West Coaster will talk differently than a.

monlcer down jackets You get the point. Dialects blow.

moncler outlet store You might as well have moved to another country. Suddenly you are spending time with people who are completely different from you and your group of friends. It’s enough of a challenge for you to get involved with them, not to mention your friends. Why would they want to go to that party with you when they won’t understand anyone?

buy moncler jackets But this also comes down to something different. If you go through such a moncler outlet big change as your culture, people around you start to feel, “Why is he doing that? Why is that culture better than ours?” Because believe it or not, culture and language go hand in hand. You haven’t just taken steps to learn the language, you’ve also begun to change your culture. Refer back to reason moncler outlet online store 6, language learning changes who you are as a person.

Don’t get me wrong, learning another language will change your life for, the most part, better. There are probably a million reasons why you should learn another language. However, these 6 reasons are just a few of the dark sides that nobody points out.

moncler mens jackets I’m not crazy! moncler jacket outlet 4 years ago

moncler sale outlet I’ve noticed the thing with “brain rewiring” as well! I had a collegiate reading level when I was about 10, and almost maxed out the English and Reading sections on the ACT, but after immersing myself in Latin American Spanish, I feel a thousand times dumber than before. My thoughts feel horribly tedious, rudimentary and stupid. All I see are details now, and I used to be a pretty abstract person.

Strangely, I’ve noticed that with some languages, such as Greek, I am completely moncler coats for cheap able to study it for a decent period of time and not feel the same brain drain. I suspect it’s because Greek is extremely analytical (I don’t mean that in the linguistic sense)/logical, or moncler jackets canada at least feels that way to my mind.

I have definitely had times where it felt like my mind had “sewn back up”, and I was less insane and able to think abstractly again. When that happened, the Spanish just became instinctive.

moncler outlet sale I think if your mind can eventually retrain itself back to its old state, you’ll realize that the language training was worth the suffering. But yes, I felt very different, and hadn’t heard anyone moncler outlet uk mention that before I read this blog post.

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