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Rather than flood the list with her characters we selected one representative (Ranma 1/2’s Cologne), but maybe we should have picked InuYasha’s Miyoga he was your favorite by a long shot with about 42% of the vote. Ranma 1/2’s pervy martial arts master Happosai took second with 22%, while our pick of Cologne was third with about 15%. Here are the full results:.

wholesale nfl jerseys from china They’ve looked at their watch and it was too long. I’ve learned about waiting and being still that God will take care of things in His time, not my time. Just keep walking by faith.. Ship to Shore in Darnley had one heck of an opening season last year glowing reviews all across the region and crowds every night for supper.That’s pretty heady stuff.We were also curious as to how Bil survived his star turn on the Regis and Kelly show (he was the one helping Regis assemble all the great Island food for his beach party) when the show was broadcast from Charlottetown in July.After dying to get out to Ship to Shore all season to check out the upshot of these changes to one of our favourite spots of 2009, we finally made it last week.The first piece of good news is that the menu sheet is still the quirkiest on the Island. Looking like it was typed on your dad’s Smith Corona, it reflects Bil’s oddball humour and is filled with goofy stuff like identifying items that “don’t suck” and some that are “totally worth it.”Full disclosure: he has named “the green sauce” after me, after less than intense lobbying. No, I have no idea what’s in it. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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Seems to cheap nfl jerseys me like, particularly in North America, gamers have somehow lost sight of the value of high quality visuals and how they contribute to the sense of immersion and, yes, fun in gaming. Perhaps we’ve scanned through too many low IQ forum arguments about visual quality versus gameplay, as if the two things were somehow part of an engineering tradeoff, where more of one equals less of the other. Perhaps the makers of big budget games have provided too many examples of games that seem to bear out that logic.

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“He was guiding me,” she said. The Cubs sometimes show video of Caray singing on new jumbo sized video boards installed in 2015. But with “Go Cubs Go,” written in 1984 before he died of leukemia at age 36, he created a Cubs victory song with a chorus of: “Go Cubs go, go Cubs go.

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