However, based on a series of spy photos, we still expect that

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Anyways, you’ll need at least 1 foot of it for this, try to get close to the gauge I got as I haven’t done the math for smaller or larger wire diameters.FULL LIST 1 ft Nichrome Aluminum or copper wire USB A wire 2 small wire nuts Duct Tape Hot GlueStep 2: Build the FramePlace two of your chopsticks parallel to each other about a chopstick’s length away like shown in the images. Sandwich the ends with two more chopsticks and secure with either wood glue or hot glue. It doesn’t have to be the strongest, just solid enough to hold the shape as we’ll be adding duct tape to the joints later.To add the nickel chromium, I split the top part of the two parallel chopsticks in half and threaded the wire through the middle.

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