If you’ve ever waited at an airport to clear customs

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We get that question almost every day. Conceptually this is a simple query. Realistically the answer is difficult and complex, because there isn’t just one best car, or SUV, or truck, or minivan. Nonetheless, Nvidia prepping a new line up of cards to the point where its being tested by external agencies is an interesting development when you consider that Nvidia CEO Jen Hsun Huang announced that the company would not be launching any new GPUs for “a long time”. Perplexing when you consider that the GeForce 10 series of cards have been around for two years, which has led some to speculate that the lack of next generation GeForce cards has to do with the company overestimating Bitcoin demand. Perhaps this time Nvidia, would be able to answer the age old question slash meme of a GPU being able to run Crysis maxed out..

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