The only thing it good for, is making the sale

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“Unless quashed, this verdict slams the door shut on Ukraine’s hopes for closer integration with Europe. From the outset the trial has been a farce and the verdict written in advance,” said Hryhoriy Nemyria, Yulia Tymoshenko’s foreign policy adviser. “Today is a shameful day for our justice system.

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Designer Replica Bags Dozens of data collection points have been set up around the slide, providing geologists with data needed to monitor the movement of the land and its risk.Inslee said experts are evaluating whether to have additional monitoring or analysis of the area.”In the next several days, we will be probably engaging a third party, independent consultant that would work for the state of Washington for the multiple agencies involved,” said Inslee. “We want to do that to make sure that we have the ultimate degree of confidence in assessing the nature of this risk.”Over 50 local, state and federal agencies are working together on the incident, according to Yakima Valley Office of Emergency Management.More people were packing up and evacuating last Friday because of landslide concerns.Tomas Guzman brought his truck to a friend’s home, just off Thorp Road. They worked for four hours to pack up the family of three, and get away from the Rattlesnake Ridge area.”We don’t want to wait until the last minute,” said Guzman.Yakima County Office of Emergency Management has urged about 50 people living near Thorp Road to evacuate, and so far more than 80 percent have left.By now, many in the community have seen the aerial video that shows a long crack in Rattlesnake Ridge. Designer Replica Bags

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